I would describe my training style as high energy, fat burning circuits that work your entire body. In each of these sessions your rest intervals will be shorter in order to keep your heart rate up. You will constantly be moving. Metabolic training is an all-time favorite of mine in order to build or maintain muscle mass.

I incorporate cardio, plyometric, and explosive movements into most of my sessions. Fitness has always been a really important aspect of my life. As a young teen I was in a national swimming team for 9 years.

Four years ago I competed in bodybuilding show bikini category. As a trainer I love being able to take my body to a whole different level while incorporating different training styles and really focusing on nutrition. I love the health and fitness industry and the fact that it is always advancing and changing at a fast pace. I feel very passionate when a new member tells me “I want to change my body” there is nothing better than seeing the results after hard work and dedication. I can truly say that I love going to work every day.