I can honestly say I have been addicted to fitness and wellness for most of my life. It all started with the practice of different martial arts as a kid and into my teen years. Calisthenics and strength training along with competitive swimming throughout high school was the pushing point for the performance world that is the fitness industry.

By getting the benefits of exercise early in my life, I had the urgency and privilege to expose myself to many types of training philosophies, learning and adopting what worked the best. At an early point in my career I came to realize that “There isn't one perfect way to get in shape, there are many ways, but the key is to find what fits you as an individual and your lifestyle best.”

My routines are tailored to your fitness needs based on your current level whether a beginner, rehab, or elite athlete. I also have a strong background in nutrition and can advise many tactics in the area. "Eat to live not the other way around.” My education background consists of a B.S in nutrition and exercise science and pursuing a MS in sports medicine or physical therapy. I will not push you to where I know you can’t go. When I’m not in the gym i train, in Brazilian Juijitsu and Muy thai kick boxing.